Mission Statement

Our mission at Barnard School is to:

  1. Emphasize the development of the whole person by:
    • Meeting the needs of all learners in an inclusionary setting
    • Encouraging students to explore opportunities in the arts, athletics, and careers
    • Sharing our concerns for the safety of all children
    • Bringing the unique talents of the staff and community to the school
  2. Provide a program of strong academics by
    • Creating high expectations that challenge all learners
    • Working as a team to develop an integrated grade 1-8 curriculum
    • Participating in professional development activities
  3. Be a center of community focus by
    • Creating a Character and Citizenship program that builds respect for self and others
    • Valuing volunteerism within the school setting and throughout the region
    • Honoring traditions and hosting cultural events
    • Opening the doors of current technology