SAU #21 Joint Board Policy






Vehicle Use (SAU)


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The purpose of the policy is to establish guidelines for use of school vehicles.


1.    Use of school vehicles is restricted to SAU employees for school-related purposes.† Persons using the vehicle must review and sign this School Vehicle Use Policy annually.


2.    Personal use of school vehicles is not permitted.


3.    Operators must hold a valid driverís license and a copy of said license will be attached to this policy at the time of signing.


4.    Operators must notify the Business Office of any change in driverís license status.


5.    Operators must operate vehicles in accordance with all applicable federal, state and local laws.†


6.    All accidents and/or citations issued by law enforcement, during the operation of the school vehicle, must be immediately reported to the Business Office.


7.    Seat belts must be worn at all times by all occupants in the vehicle.


8.    Tobacco use in school vehicles is strictly prohibited.


9.    Alcohol use and possession of alcohol in school vehicles is strictly prohibited.


10.  School vehicles must be locked and ignition off when unattended.


11.  School vehicles are expected to be used within the SAU #21 district boundaries.† However, it is understood there may be circumstances (i.e. meetings, purchasing of supplies/materials or vehicle servicing) when use outside of these boundaries is permitted.


12.  Adhering or affixing of bumper stickers, slogans, endorsements or any other decal is prohibited.


13.  It is the responsibility of the Interoffice Mail Courier to properly maintain all vehicles, including,† but not limited to: conducting routine scheduled maintenance (i.e. oil change, tire rotation, etc.), assuring vehicle registration and inspection are valid and current, maintaining interior and exterior cleanliness of the school vehicles.


14.  A driver log book for all off-campus use must be maintained.† Log will include:† date, name of operator, time in, time out, destination, mileage start and mileage end.


15.  A copy of this policy will be maintained in each school vehicle.


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Adopted:† May 10, 2010