Policy B

B  School Board Goverance & Operating
  Table of Contents
BA Board Operational Goals
BAA Evaluation of  Board Operational Procedures
BBA School Board Powers and Duties
BBAA Board Member Authority
BBC Board Member or District Officer Resignation
BBFA Board Member Conflict of Interest
BCA Ethics Policy Statement
BCB Board Officers
BCF Advisory Committees to the Board
BCG School Attorney
BDA Board Organizational Meeting
BDAA Regular Board Meetings
BDB Special School Board Meetings
BDC Non-Public Sessions
BDDC Agenda Preparation and Dissemination
BDDD Quorum
BEDG Minutes
BEDH Public Participation at Board Meetings
BFCA Policy Review and Revision
BFE Administration in Policy Absence
BGB  Policy Adoption
BGE Policy Dissemination
BGF Suspension of Policies
BIA New Board Member Orientation
BIB Board Member Development Opportunities
BID Payment for Services Rendered by School District Officers
BIE Board Member Insurance
BJ School Board Legislative Program
BKA School Board's Association Memberships

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