Policy G

G Personnel
  Table of Contents
GBA Equal Opportunity Employment
GBCA Staff Conflict of Interest
GBCD Criminal History Records Check/Background Investigation
GBD Board/Employee Communications
GBEC Drug-Free Workplace/Drug Free Schools (also ADB, ADC, GBED, JICG & JICH)
GBED Tobacco Products Ban (also ADB, ADC, GBEC & JICG)
GBEF School District Internet Access for Staff (also EHAA & JICL)
GBEF-R Acceptable Internet Use Procedures - Staff (see GBEF)
GBGA Staff Health
GBGAA HIV/AIDS Health Education
GBI Staff Gifts and Solicitations
GBL Personnel Records
GBM Grievances
GCD Professional Staff Hiring
GCE Part-time and Substitute Professional Staff Employment (Substitute Teachers)
GCEB Rate of Pay for Substitute Teachers
GCKB Professional Staff Meetings
GCL Professional Staff Development Opportunities
GCN Evaluation of Professional Staff
GCQAA Professional Personnel Consulting
GCQAB Tutoring for Pay
GDF Support Staff Hiring
GDO Evaluation of Support Staff

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