Policy K

K School Community & Home Relations
  Table of Contents
KA School/Community/Home Relations
KCD Public Gifts-Donations
KD Public Participation at Board Meetings
KDB Right-to-Know Law
KDC Posting of Community Notice


Media Relations
KDDA News Releases
KE Public Complaints
KEB Public Complaints About School Personnel
KEC Reconsideration of Instructional Materials
KEC-E Citizen's Request for Reconsideration of Instructional Material Form
KED Public Concerns/Complaints about Facilities and Services
KF Community Use of School Facilities
KF-R Community Use of School Facilities Request Form
KFAB Use of School Facilities for Motor Vehicles
KHA Public Solicitations in the School
KHB Advertising in the School
KI Visitors to the Schools
KLE Relations with Department of Children and Youth Services
KLG Relations with Police Authorities
KLGA Referrals to Police Authorities
KLH Relations with Fire Department
KLK Relations with State Government Authorities

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