Policy J

J Students
  Table of Contents
JCA Change of School or Assignment
JEA Compulsory Attendance Age
JEAA Home Education (also IHGB)
JEB Entrance Age Requirements
JECB Admission of Nonresident Students (and Tuition)
JECE Students Withdrawing from School
JED Manifest Educational Hardship 
JEDA School Attendance and Truancy Reduction 
JEDB Student Dismissal Precautions 
JFAA Admission of Resident Students
JFABD Admission of Homeless Students
JFCB Care of School Property by Students
JFCC Student Conduct on School Buses 
JFCF Hazing
JFCJ Dangerous Weapons on School Property
JFE Pregnant and or Married Students (also IGBD) 
JFG Interrogations and Searches (also KNAJ) 
JFGA Student Searches and their Property 
JFJ Student Conduct, Discipline and Due Process 
JFJ-R Administrative Procedure on Student Conduct, Discipline and Due Process 
JFL Reporting Child Abuse 
JGA Corporal Punishment 
JGB Dentention of Students
JGD Suspensions
JGF Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence (also GBAA) 
JGF-R Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Report Form (also (GBAA-R)
JH Attendance, Absenteeism and Truancy
JHA Student Insurance Program
JHC Student Health Services
JHCA Return to School Following Long-Term Illness/Injury/Surgery 
JHCB Control and Prevention of Communicable Diseases 
JHCB-E Family Physician's Report of Physical Examination 
JHCB-R School Immunization Requirements
JHCD Administering Medications to Students during the School Day
JHCD-R SAU21 Permission to Administer Medicine in School 
JHCE First Aid and Emergency Medical Care
JHFA Supervision of Students
JI Student Awards and Scholarships
JIB Student Rights and Responsibilities
JICD-R Memorandum of Understanding for Administering the Provisions of RSA 193-D Safe School Zones
JICE Student Publications
JICG Tobacco Products Ban
JICH Drug and Alcohol Use by Students
JICI Weapons on School Property
JICK Pupil Safety and Violence Prevention - Prohibiting Bullying and Cyber-bullying
JICL School District Internet Access for Students (also EHAA and GBEF)
JICL-R Acceptable Internet Use Procedures - Students
JJA Student Fund-raising Activities
JJAB Student Activities Fund Management
JKAA Use of Restraints
JL Student Gifts and Solicitations
JLCF Student Wellness
JLCF-R Guidelines for School Wellness Implementation
JLD School Guidance Program and Services
JLDBA Behavior Management and Intervention
JLI Joint Loss Management Committee
JM Student-Staff Relations (also GBH)
JN Student Fees, Fines and Charges
JN-E Student Fees, Fines and Charges - Form
JRA Student Education Records and Information(FERPA)
JRA-E Annual Notice of Student Educational Records and Information

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