LAS Proposed Renovation Plans

 Summary of Proposed LAS Renovation Plans

Our Shared Vision

To add necessary space and re-purpose current space to meet basic educational requirements and advance the opportunity, to implement Next Generation Learning at LAS, to ensure that our students can be competitive against other students throughout NH and the nation, and begin preparing our students for the next level of their education and eventually a changing, global competitive workforce.

Why is space important?

With flexible, maximized space, Next Generation learning can allow for:

  • Pod space within classes
  • Technology space
  • Flexible space for experiments, model building and collaboration
  • Maker Space
  • Space for presentations, performances, and activities
  • Space for science experiments
  • Space for growth in the arts, music, stage, and physical education
  • Space for individual learning in math, languages, social studies etc.

The Space is designed to maximize students’ competency on any subject making them stronger in the subject and more likely to pursue that subject beyond where they would in traditional education. 

The current and past School Boards, the Administration, and LAS Staff have been consistent in their pursuit of new space to meet basic educational needs and allow for the implementation of Next Generation Learning. The School Board proposes to add critical space and re-purpose current space to meet our space requirements.

Identified Space Requirements:

  • Maker Space
  • Next Generation Science Room
  • World Language Classroom
  • Flexible Space
  • Music Room 
  • Physical Education Space
  • A Stage for Music, Art and Academic Performances
  • Community Center Space

The following documents include the conceptual designs, project summary, cost estimates, and project scope:

LAS School Board Deliberative Session Presentation (2-10-17)

LAS Boards (11-10-16)

LAS Project Scope Floorplans (11-10-16) 

LAS Budget-Estimate (9-29-16)

LAS Renovations - 2016 Scope Narrative (9-29-16)

LAS Project Scope Floorplans (9-29-16)

LAS Addition Clarifications (9-29-16)

Project Summary (9-27-16)

LAS Boards (8-9-2016)

LAS Renovations - 2016 Scope Narrative (8-9-2016)

LAS Project Scope Floorplans (8-9-2016)