NH Administrative Procedures

  Administrative Procedures
  Table of Contents
AP DBJ Transfer of Appropriation
AP DG Depository of Funds
AP DGB Check Writing
AP DJC Petty Cash Accounts
AP DJGA Sales Calls and Demonstrations
AP DK Payment Procedures/Schedules
AP DKC Expense/Authorization Reimbursement
AP EDC Authorized Use of School-owned Materials
AP EEBB-R Agreement to Transport Students
AP EI Insurance Program/Risk Management
AP EIB Liability Insurance
AP EID Insurance 
AP GBG Employee Protection
AP GBGA Employee Health
AP JHCD-R Administering Meds to Students Form
AP JLCC-E Family Physicians Report of Physical Examination
AP JLCC-R School Immunization Requirements
AP JLCG Return to School following Long-term Illness/Injury/Surgery
AP JRA-R Student Education Records and Information - Administrative Procedure