Box Tops for Education

Box Tops for Education

You may have heard that the Box Tops program is going digital.  Over the next few yearsthe Box Tops you clip directly from products will be phased out.  Participating products wil display a new logo.

These digital Box Tops will still be worth 10 cents to Barnard but the method of submitting them has changed.

New Digital Submissions Are Simple:

  1. Download the Box Tops for Education app
  2. Purchase items with the new Box Tops logo
  3. Open the app and scan the entire receipt within 14 dauys of purchase

Here is a short youTube video

  1. Please remember to indify Barnard as your school
  2. You can "Give Credit" for the submission to your child by clicking the credit buttopn.  You can change who gets credit for each submission if you have more than one child by entering "My Earnings"
  3. Electronic or Email receipts can also be submitted.  Visit for details
  4. As clippable Box Tops are being phased out, you can earn double credit by submitting them in school AND via your scanned receipt