SAU 21 Educator Evaluation Processes

Educator Evaluation Plan 2019-2024

Screencast Overview of the Plan (Erin Milbury)

Vision and Purpose:


The vision of the SAU 21 Professional Educator Evaluation is for educators to engage in a process to support professional growth, collaboration, and the facilitation of high learning expectations for ALL.

The evaluation process supports the SAU 21 Educational Philosophy of  “. . . developing  lifelong learners who are creative and critical thinkers and who contribute to a changing global society” (


The purpose of evaluating the professional staff of SAU 21 is to support and cultivate each individual’s professional growth as they pursue high learning expectations and improve student learning. It is expected that all professional staff will reach a minimum status of Proficient as detailed in the process that follows.

Overview of Evaluation Process:

The evaluation process includes the following components:

  • Self-Assessment and Analysis of Domains of Educator Job Performance (draft goal development)
  • Goal Setting and Plan Development (with evaluator at the Goal Setting Meeting - GSM)
  • Implementation of the Plan/Observation (Evaluator and Peer) and Feedback
  • Formative Review/Evidence of student learning and professional practice progress
  • Summative Review