Plush Red-Tailed Hawk Fundraiser

Plush Red Tailed Hawk

Dear LAS Families,

Hi! We are the fourth grade students at Lincoln Akerman School. We are working to raise
money to purchase plush red-tailed hawks from Douglas Company, located in Keene, New
Hampshire to be given to children who have been admitted to the Children’s Hospital at

Last year, the eighth grade students in our school worked with state legislators to pass a bill
making the red-tailed hawk the New Hampshire state raptor. To honor this majestic bird and
support children in need, we are seeking to provide comfort to children who may be sad and
scared by providing them with a stuffed red-tailed hawk.

We thank you for your consideration of our request. Should you have any questions we have
included contact information below. Checks may be made out to Lincoln Akerman School.


Mr. Cutting’s Fourth Grade Class
Lincoln Akerman School
8 Exeter Road
Hampton Falls, NH 03844 (603) 926-2539