Important information regarding COVID - Grades 3-6


UPDATED: Thursday, November 12th

I am writing to inform our community that our sixth grade was sent home this morning because we received a report of a student, who was not in the building today, tested positive for COVID. At this time we are confident that the exposure has not gone beyond sixth grade.  As a result, our sixth grade will be in remote learning until November 24th, which brings us to Thanksgiving. 

We dismissed students immediately and DHHS has been contacted. Heather Boyd is gathering information and will reach out to families that may need to quarantine. 

Thank you for your cooperation and kindness during this challenging week. Our pod system is working and we have been able to contain this and preserve in person learning for as many students as possible. I will have a staff meeting this afternoon and continue to remind staff of the six foot distancing and the importance of masks at all times. We hope that you can maintain that on your end as well. We will get past this challenge and appreciate your support and cooperation.

Dear Parents,

As you now know, grades 3-5 will be in remote learning beginning tomorrow and ending on Friday, November 20 due to a staff member in that pod testing positive for COVID. I met with the 3-5 staff this afternoon as well as support staff and our school nurse. We are committed to providing the same quality education that we have provided in person during this period of time. Our goal for these 7 school days is to keep your children in a normal school schedule (as we know it) and to keep the momentum of their academics going in a positive direction. The remote school day will begin at 8:30 and end at 12:30, as it is now. All Special Education Services will be provided at the same time as they are now with the same teacher, as are guidance services. Attendance will be taken for all students and it is important that they remain online with their teachers for the duration of each class.

I called our custodial staff today and they came in and gave the 3-5 Pod a COVID cleaning. Staff members that were not in contact with this teacher at all will be teaching remotely from the building. You will be hearing from your child's teacher and they will be providing updates for you that will include when you can come by and pick up materials that will be pertinent to lessons in the coming days.

From Heather Boyd :   

"I have spoken with NH DHHS, so they are aware of our school's predicament, and we will be working with them over the next few days to try to establish if we can narrow down who might possibly have been exposed.  For now, please have your child or children quarantine.  Here is what the quarantine guidelines are:

We will communicate with you as soon as we know if people can end their quarantine early because it was established that there wasn't a risk of exposure.  This is not an instant process, so please bear with us, and it is possible that we won't be able to take anyone off the list. Siblings can attend school because contact with a contact of someone who tested positive is not considered a contact.  I understand that is a tough one to accept, but this has been the recommendation since March, and it seems to have held up under scrutiny.  

Quarantining is for 14 days total, and cannot be tested out of.  It is recommended, but not required, however, that people who are quarantining get tested 5-7 days after being exposed.  If your child has no symptoms, an antigen or "rapid" test is not considered reliable.  

Please know, that we will continue working on this situation. This is not simple but we will continue to provide you with up to date information.

Thank you,

Beth Raucci