Remote Learning on Thursday, December 17

Remote Learning on Thursday, December 17

Dear Parents, 

As you know, tomorrow, December 17th, is expected to be an impact weather day. As a result, we are moving to remote learning for the day for grades K-8. Synchronous teaching and learning will mirror the same schedule that your student(s) have each day. That means, teachers will be online with students beginning at 8:30 tomorrow morning and will conduct classes, meetings, and supports with your child at the same time they do each day. 

If your child sees a counselor or other support staff member those services will be delivered remotely as well. Today, teachers are preparing students for the day tomorrow and they should have all the materials they need to have a successful day. Our building will be closed for the day tomorrow. 

Please stay safe weathering this storm and we will see you on Friday. 

Thank you,