Extended Day Plan

LAS Extended Day Plan Image with Colored Pencils

Dear Parents, 

Lincoln Akerman School will be extending the school day beginning on May 3rd, the Monday when we return from April Break. On that day our staff will be considered fully vaccinated, giving staff more flexibility within the building, and we will also have several staff members returning to us from remote work. Our dismissal time will be 2:15 beginning on May 3rd and will remain our dismissal time until the end of the school year. 

Before I give you all of the details, I want you to know that all of our COVID protocols will remain in place, both in the building and outside, for the remainder of the school year. Our children will not be vaccinated and their health and safety will remain our number one concern. We will maintain a 6 foot distance, hand washing will continue, masks will be worn by staff and students and we will remain vigilant about cleaning the building. Students will remain in the same pods and will still be using the same entrances and exits and bathrooms. We have done well this school year and have had very little transmission of the virus within the building, and we aim to keep it that way. Now that the weather is warming up we will also have windows open and be outdoors as much as possible. Here are the details of the changes we have made so you can adjust your schedules accordingly.

Arrival and dismissal

Dismissal will be at 2:15 beginning May 3rd

Arrival will remain the same as it is now. Student drop off will continue to start at 8:15 and will be in the same place around the building that they are now. Staff will continue to assist in those locations.

Transportation has been arranged for a dismissal at 2:15. Parent pick up will remain the same with staff out front assisting students into cars. 

Students are also encouraged to ride bikes to and from school in the warm weather. Helmets are a must!


Lunch will continue to be free of charge for all students. Students are welcome to order a school lunch or, they can bring one from home. We do not have use of the cafeteria so all teams will be eating outdoors as much as possible or, in classrooms if the weather does not permit us to be outside. School lunches will be delivered to pods to take outside. Lunches will be staggered so that we do not have everyone outside at the same time. Students will also have a recess break after lunch. 

The staff and I have been re-creating student schedules and will share them with students before our vacation begins. You will also be hearing from your student's teachers regarding changes. 

We are planning for a fun and successful end of school year. As always, thank you for all that you do for us. 


Beth Raucci