My name is Jackie Firmin and I am the Preschool Outreach Specialist for both SAU 21 (Hampton Falls, North Hampton, South Hampton, Seabrook) and SAU 90 (Hampton). I work with the districts Pre-K Committee and community partners to identify and build relationships with target families of preschool age children who do not have current access to preschool/pre-K services. The goal of our program is to work with families to overcome potential barriers in accessing public or private pre-K services and child care programs thus creating a supportive community-wide referral network for early care, education, and families in need.

Jackie Firmin, MS
Preschool Outreach Specialist 
SAU 21 & SAU 90 
603.474.2252 ext. 174

PK Transportation Next Year (2022-2023): Based on our anticipated enrollment and transportation availability, transportation will only be provided for special education students with active IEPs. Families will be required to drop off and pick up their students or make arrangements for their children to be dropped off at the school and picked up either to be brought home or to another supplemental child care program regardless of the town that program resides in. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact Jackie Firmin (