Staff Pages

K-8 Teachers

Mrs. Moran (Grade K and 1)

Mrs. Pruett (Grades 2 and 3)

Miss Peterson (Grades 4 and 5)

Ms. Casassa (6-8 Language Arts/ Technology Integration Specialist)

Mrs. Cestrone (Grades 4-8 Science/6 Social Studies)

Ms. Cullinane (6-8 Mathematics/8 Social Studies)


Ms. Dozet (Music)

Mrs. Kernus (Reading Specialist)

Ms. Hayes  (Nurse)

Miss Lindsay (Art)

Mrs. Meehan (Physical Education)

Ms. Oliver (Spanish/World Language)

Ms. Rooney (Counselor)

Ms. Schwab (Education Associate)

Special Education

Mrs. Donabedian (Director of Special Services)

Mrs. Hernon (Special Education Teacher)

Ms. Wright (Special Education Teacher / Case Manager)