Welcome to SAU 21

We are exceedingly proud of our schools and our collective commitment to high
academic standards with a growth mindset for improving student achievement. All SAU
21 schools have comprehensive instructional programs with opportunities for all
students at all ability levels.

Every year our students excel in a variety of arenas: in the classroom, on the athletic
field, in the performing arts, through extended learning opportunities (ELO’s), and in
extra-curricular activities. Our exceptionally qualified teachers and staff care deeply
about the success of our students, while our parents and community partners offer
tremendous support to our schools.

There are many opportunities and challenges ahead for SAU 21 districts (including next
steps in our competency based plan, a new student management software system,
revisions to our educator evaluation and professional development plans, and many
other priorities) and for public education across New Hampshire. We look forward to
confronting these obstacles in partnership with our team of educators, staff, students,
families, and community members.