SAU 21 PD & Certification Processes

PD & Certification Plan 2019-2024

Screencast Overview of PD Plan

NH DOE Credentialing Knowledge Base

The 5-Year Plan

SAU 21’s Professional Development Plan (PDP) is a framework to provide direction for the planning and
documentation of professional learning and growth of faculty and staff that supports student learning and
achievement. The plan

  • Guides educators through the process of setting professional goals linked to SAU and District goals
  • and execute professional learning to fulfill NH Department of Education (NH DOE) requirements to
  • maintain certification.
  • Outlines a collaborative process by which professional development activities are planned,
  • executed, and evaluated.
  • Promotes the goal of high quality instruction and strong student achievement as the purpose of
  • professional development.
  • Connects professional development initiatives to SAU 21’s curriculum development, Educator
  • Appraisal Plan (EAP) and the SAU 21 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

SAU 21' s Professional Development Committee

The role of the SAU 21 Professional Development Committee (PDC) membership is to encourage high quality Professional Learning for SAU 21 Educators. The Committee’s members oversee the development, implementation and evaluation of the Professional Development Master Plan as well as provide feedback to teachers and monitor Professional Development opportunities and activities in SAU 21. The PDC minutes will be summarized and communicated through shared folders to all staff. Additionally, the PDC members clarify, write, and endorse the Professional Development Plan (PDP).