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Mission Statement: 

The LAS-PTO is a cooperative effort between parents teachers and administrators who have united to enrich the overall educational experience for our children. The PTO purpose is to provide support and services for our children in collaboration with the school and does so by raising and distributing funds for enrichment and curriculum-related programs, field trips and school activities, as well as supplying educational materials and equipment which are not otherwise underwritten.


President: Alizza Mitchell

Co-President: Candace Cimon

Treasurer: Jennie Caldwell

Director of Communication: Kellie Bove

Secretary: Collette Elzey


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Ecosmith Recyclers Inc. is a response to the textile recycling needs of southern New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts.

By collecting unwanted clothing in conjunction with local non-profits, we seek to reduce the amount of waste going into our landfills every year, generate revenues to give back to the community, and clothe less advantaged people worldwide.

When cleaning your closets and drawers please consider donating unwanted items (ie. clothes that no longer fit, out of fashion or just plain tired!) to one of our bins that support LAS PTO. You can find the bins in 2 locations:

  • #1 Hampton Falls Deli/Citgo station (LAS receives 100% of proceeds).
  • #2 Behind the Hampton Falls Police and Fire Department (LAS receives 50% and town receives 50% of proceeds)

Acceptable items:

  • clothing
  • coats
  • linens
  • paired shoes
  • belts
  • purses
  • stuffed animals

Non-acceptable items:

  • non-textiles
  • wet textiles
  • oil soaked textiles
  • contaminated textiles
  • rugs and carpeting
  • pillows
  • mattresses
  • furniture.

To read about what happens to our donated items and to read about the good it is doing for the environment please visit

Help keep our PTO funded events and enrichment programs alive by donating.


If you have any questions about our year round Textile recycling fundraiser, please feel free to contact me:

Liz Blankenship