Sometimes the most important conversations to have with another person are also the most difficult.  Below are some resources full of helpful ideas and ways to promote effective communication.

Becoming a Better Listener: Active Listening -  "You’ve likely been there: You’re sharing something important, but the person you’re talking with is focused on anything but your words. They’re looking at their phone, looking around the room, totally disengaged.  You might walk away feeling unsatisfied. Or worse, unseen.  As they say, don’t be that guy. To become a polished active listener and strengthen your connections in everyday interactions, a few pointers may help."

Empathy and Validation - "When we instead are able to validate and empathize with a child's experience, we teach the child to trust us more, and most importantly, to trust their own instincts more. They learn that the signals they are getting from their own brain and body are valuable."

12 Samples of Validating Statements to Foster Empathy - "This week I saw the documentary, ANGST for the third time.  Each time I am drawn to a different take-away.  In this screening, I really heard the teens in the film sharing their sadness about being misunderstood or not heard.  To feel love and connection are universal needs.  Teens, in particular, often share their hurt about not being able to talk to their parents.  Read the four things teens want parents to know about what makes them feel undervalued and/or unheard."